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TreeTop Tour

Treetop Tour on 7 Ziplines & 4 Canopy Bridges

Quick Details

Key Points

  • 7 Ziplines! 4 Canopy Bridges!
  • 3.5 – 4 hours
  • The first treetop zipline tour in the state of Hawaii
  • Daily Deal: Save $15 per person when booking online!*
Person (9 & up)

Kauai Canopy Zipline Adventure

Stay up in massive Norfolk Pine trees, zipping from aerial platform to aerial platform like Tarzan and Jane! Cross Raiders of the Lost Ark style canopy bridges high in treetops! Enjoy hanging out 60 – 90 ft. up in the trees with incredible mountain, forest, and water views from all 11 of our aerial viewing platforms.

An amazing canopy zipline experience that combines zipping high above the treetops with unique and exciting tree bridges. Enjoy seven zipline runs and four exciting bridges as you soar through the canopy of Kauai’s awesome giants, a unique grove of 200-ft. tall Norfolk pine trees. Gliding 60 – 90 ft. above the forest floor you’re able to experience life from a bird’s-eye view. Come explore and have the ride of a lifetime. Once you are up in the trees you stay in the trees!

Fly through the forest over pine, mango, eucalyptus, and bamboo, and native plant and bird life. The mountain views are outstanding! Ecology narratives are included. This thrilling and impressive Kauai treetop tour is sure to be etched in your memory forever. After your tour, head down to base camp and enjoy snacks, drinks, and fantastic scenery all around.